Black Country Living Museum England

The Black Country Living Museum (BCLM) amazes me every time I visit. It has been open for over 40 years and this open-air museum covers 26 acres. They have painstakingly dismantled and rebuilt, brick by brick, houses, shops, workshops and public buildings from the surrounding area to create a 20th century Black Country village. There is an abundance of history in this area.
For all you Peaky Blinders fans, you can see where the filming took place for the Charlie’s Yard scenes here at the BCLM. You can also treat yourself to a Peaky Blinders cap with a razor blade pin badge to top it off.
The costumed characters make this place so special. You find them in every nook and cranny, where they will tell you what life was like in the day. You can even go and sit in for a school lesson – watch out, the master has his cane in hand!
But… the best bit – the fish & chips fried in beef dripping. Just as they used to be – YUMMY! Get in the queue early or be prepared to wait a while. Yes, they are that popular. Vegetarian options available on request.
Find out lots more on the BCLM website.
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