The Ackland Art Museum

November 16, 2018 0

The Ackland Art Museum on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill is celebrating 60 years of bringing fine art to students and visitors to the campus. Read More

acure×茂本ヒデキチ Art Museum acure project 1

November 15, 2018 0

自販機を通じて、もっと気軽に日本の魅力や、地域の良さを味わってほしい。その思いを実現すべく立ち上がったのが「Art Museum acure」プロジェクト。Project.1として茂本ヒデキチ氏の作品をacureに展示。その作品制作風景をご覧いただけます。▶特設サイト: Feel and Taste Japan through Vending Machines. Art Museum acure From Acure with kind hospitality. The “Art Museum acure” project was launched Read More

Samurai Swordmaking

November 15, 2018 0

Learn about samurai swordmaking in this video from the United Kingdom’s National Museum of Arms and Armour, presented in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum’s Read More

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