EGYPT 329 – LUXOR MUSEUM I – (by Egyptahotep)

LUXOR MUSEUM (First Part):
The Luxor Museum is located on the East Bank of the River Nile in the city of Luxor, between Karnak Temple in the North and Luxor Temple in the South. The facade of the Luxor museum was designed to face the Nile
This museum was opened for public in 1975.
The museum has a garden that contains a number of interesting displays combining a big open air museum. There are many sculptures from the new kingdom located in the garden of the Luxor Museum.
inside we can see magnificent objects,sculptures, coffins, mummies etc.
in this video we can see,a coffin and funerary objects,Head sculpture of Amenhotep III,statues of Thutmose III,Amenhotep III again,Amenemhet III,Sesostris I,Horemheb giving offering to god Atum,God Sobek with Amenhotep III,Goddess Hathor,God Amun,Goddess Mut, and Hathor head (as Cow)
open air museum