Infinite Art Museum – Godfrey Meyer III

Godfrey Meyer

Hello! My name is Godfrey Meyer III, and I am an artist / painter / musician / full time content creator over on Twitch and Youtube. It all began with music and I continue to write music daily. I produce and release my own records along with full music videos that I have been filming inside VR. My goal is to inspire others to face self doubt through music and artwork. I have truly dedicated my life to expressing creative output, and invite you on the journey with me!

They call me “The Sound Painter” because a lot my work is inspired by sound waves. Over the years I have always been interested in finding ways to incorporate sound into my designs, and everyday I am amazed on how sound waves seem to be the basis of everything.

Twitter: @gm3beats
Instagram: @godfreymeyer


The IAM is a virtual reality art gallery made using Unity 3D and the HTC Vive. We are actively looking for submissions. For details, visit us at:
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