The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is the state art museum of Florida, located in Sarasota, Florida. Established in 1927 as the legacy of Mable and John Ringling for the people of Florida. The institution offers twenty-one galleries of European paintings as well as Cypriot antiquities and Asian, American. The museum’s art collection consists of more than 10,000 objects including paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, photographs, and decorative arts from ancient through contemporary periods and from around the world. The most celebrated items in the museum are 16th–20th-century European paintings, including a world-renowned collection of Peter Paul Rubens paintings other famous artists include Paolo Veronese, Rosa Bonheur, Gianlorenzo Bernini, Giuliano Finelli, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Frans Hals, Nicolas Poussin, Joseph Wright of Derby, Eugène Boudin, and Benedetto Pagni. Fountain of the Tortoises in the Courtyard is a modern copy of the sixteenth-century fountain by the Italian Jacopo della PortaIn,
the campus includes the art museum, circus museum, and Ca’ d’Zan, the Ringlings’ mansion, which has been restored, along with the Asolo Theater. Tibbals Learning Center complete with a miniature circus Was recently added.,
John Ringling willed his property and art collection, plus a $1.2 million endowment, to the people of State of Florida upon his death in 1936. Instruction of the will states that no one has permission to ever change the official name of the museum. For the next 10 years the museum was opened only irregularly and not maintained professionally, Ca’ d’Zan was still used privately and not opened to the public, while the State fought with Ringling’s creditors over the estate (Ringling was nearly bankrupt at his death; Florida would finally prevail in court in 1946). and after prevailing in court, the Florida Department of State (who had initial responsibility for the Museum) did virtually nothing to manage the endowment or maintain the property, while the local community (believing the Museum to be the State’s responsibility) did little to support the Museum. By the late 1990s Ca’ d’Zan was falling apart (as were the exterior footpaths and roads), the Museum had a serious roof leak plus its security systems were wholly inadequate to protect its collection, and the Asolo Theater building was actually condemned, while the $1.2 million endowment had grown to only $2 million. The State of Florida finally transferred responsibility of the Museum to Florida State University in 2000. As part of the reorganization it created a Board of Trustees consisting of no more than 31 members. It is now the sixteenth largest in the US. In 2013, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art was rebranded as simply, The Ringling.


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